Great Elm Capital Group, Inc. (“Great Elm”) is a publicly-traded holding company. Great Elm is seeking to create long-term shareholder value by building a diversified business across three verticals: investment management, real estate and operating companies.

The Great Elm Capital Management (“GECM”) investment team has deep experience investing in leveraged middle market companies. The GECM team has deployed more than $17 billion into credit investments in more than 550 issuers across 20+ jurisdictions over its 14-year history under MAST Capital Management, LLC (“MAST”). Led by Chief Investment Officer Peter A. Reed, GECM’s investment team has more than 100 years of experience in the aggregate financing and investing in leveraged middle market companies.

Great Elm’s first investment vehicle is Great Elm Capital Corp. (“GECC”), a business development company.


Great Elm seeks to acquire real estate assets in upper-tier metropolitan statistical areas that are both characterized by long-term, residual value and financed with high leverage. Great Elm focuses on properties currently leased by investment grade tenants, using tax-sheltered income from the lessee to service the debt Great Elm borrows to purchase the property. Great Elm is pursuing credit tenant lease financings, ground lease structures and secondary market property purchases. Great Elm is an enduring real estate investor with a keen focus on preservation of capital. 

Building on our team’s experience in long-term investing, Great Elm intends to leverage its core competencies in M&A and leveraged finance to buy, grow and hold high quality businesses in attractive industries. Great Elm intends to build a portfolio of control investments with a view toward owning these companies for the long-term. Great Elm will then seek to grow these portfolio companies both organically and through M&A.



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